Exterior Door Key Access

Canyon Estates is a security concious community. Our buildings all have exterior entries that are secured currently with key access. If you are a new resident, current resident or owner in need of an outside building door key in order to access your unit, please contact the business office during normal or evening business hours. You will need to be verified and present a valid form of I.D. The cost for a security key is $35 each. Be advised that the office staff only accepts checks or money orders for payment.  No cash for safety reasons.

Intercom System Access

In order to have the intercom system be able to call you that a guest or other person (deliveries etc) is waiting outside the building for entry, you will need to register a phone number with the CECA office and have it programmed at your building's entrance. The person waiting outside then only needs to dial your unit # (example 101) in order to call you from the intercom box. You can then buzz them in by punching "9" from your programmed landline or cell phone.

The form for registering a phone number is here -->


You may leave the completed form in the drop box

located outside the CECA office door after hours.


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