Unit Remodeling

Remodeling projects are subject to proper planning and review/authorization from the Board of Director's. Any owner considering doing major projects such as upgrading electrical, plumbing, carpentry (including kitchen/bathroom components), installing new windows or many other improvements need to submit a remodel plan for consideration prior to initiating any work projects. This will need to include proof of licensed, bonded and insured approved professional contractors.


A couple of things to know right up front are that installing washers & dryers inside units is not allowed.

The older drainage and electrical systems we still have does not support it. Also be advised that modifying the floor plan (walls) so that additional rooms are added or subtracted from the unit is not allowed.


For a much more detailed and complete explanation of the proper remodeling process please read the rules & regulations documents available from the menu above. Ignoring the rules can result in fines, legal action and demolition of completed work. It is in everyone's best interests to follow the proper adopted procedures.

Please download the remodel application form here. Needs approval before work begins:   ---->


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