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Parking Information


ALL parking at Canyon Estates is assigned. This includes resident parking stalls which are deeded to individual unit owners and marked with "white" numbers.


There are certain parking spaces marked "visitor" which are ONLY available to guests and are not to be used by residents. Guests should register their vehicle at the office after 3 days of use.

Also, there are rental parking spaces available which are marked with "yellow" numbers.

These stalls can be rented for $30. a month. Contact the office to arrange rental parking.

DO NOT park in any space that you are not authorized and assigned to be in. Fire lanes, yellow marked areas and unmarked areas are not parking spaces. You may not creatively make your own parking space in unmarked areas. Failure to comply may result in impound at the vehicle owners expense. Resident vehicles need to be registered on unit owners registration form.

For a complete understanding of Parking Rules please see section #4 of the Canyon Estates Rules & Regulations document available for download on this site (see menu above).

You may download parking documents here. Please return completed forms to the office or place them in the drop box located outside the CECA office door:









                   Rental parking space agreement & registration form ---->







                              Visitor parking guest registration form ---->

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