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Rules & Regulations

Please click on the .pdf file icon to the right to download ----->

                "Canyon Estates Rules & Regulations."

Be advised that failure to comply with any rule or regulation can result in a fine being assessed to the unit (owner) and multiple violations can also result in multiple simultaneous fines. In general the fine schedule is as follows on a monthly basis:

First offense: Warning Notice

Second offense: $100.

Third offense: $200.

Fourth offense: $500. (maximum) 

Be aware that failure to comply on a monthly basis can result in additional fines each month that the violation continues and also can include interest charges, collections attempts and any associated legal fees all at the offenders expense. Owners are responsible for tenants actions and will need to hold a tenant responsible for any failure to comply with rules & regulations.


<--- Click to download CECA complaint form.

        Please turn in at office when complete.

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