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Rental Units & Residents

                                                         ****Update 10/15/2020****                                            

The board has adopted this policy regarding what a legal rental unit is, and what is needed to rent a unit now and moving forward. The document explains each situation you may be in and what your options are. 



                                                         ****Update 01/01/2020****

Please be advised of this letter sent from CECA's legal counsel to all owners regarding rental units and current restrictions involved.


As a resident who is renting a unit at Canyon Estates you are granted most of the same privileges as those of an owner living in their unit. You are an important part of the community and have every right to live happily and free of any negative affects from others. We encourage you to get to know your neighbors and be able to talk with them in a positive manner about issues that are causing you any difficulty. If you are unable to resolve an issue with a neighbor you should first report the problem to your landlord (unit owner) and they in turn can file a complaint with the management team and the Board of Directors if necessary. Please be mindful that the owners Associations staff work for the property under the Board of Directors. Rentals are under the management of individual unit owners who are responsible to be your manager and that task is not the responsibility of CECA.


If you or your landlord have not already done so, you will need to register with the office so that we know who lives in the unit (people and pets) and what cars (if any) are parked on the property. We also require a copy of the current rental agreement be on file. (see resident registration and parking information).


All residents are subject to following the adopted Rules & Regulations of Canyon Estates. (See Rules & Regulations in the menu above to download a copy). It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by them to avoid possible penalty and needless conflicts with your neighbors.


General business such as arranging for rental parking, extended visitor parking use, building key fob purchases and cabana rentals can be conducted with the CECA office staff during regular business hours.


Please treat the community with all due respect and monitor the activities of your guests, as they are your responsibility when visiting on the property. Building security is important to all of us so we ask that you please do not prop outside doors open or let persons into the building who are unfamiliar to you.


The intercom system is available for your use and we encourage you to register your phone number into the system so you and your guests can use it appropriately. (see building access information).

Be advised that there is currently a moratorium on new rental units as we have met our community mandated cap of 30%. Owners may contact the office to inquire about getting on the waiting list to rent a unit. There are also other requirements you will need to meet including rental business licensing with the city of Tukwila and rental fees to the association. Failure to do so could lead to heavy penalties which we recommend avoiding.

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